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from maps and location

Location Intelligence appends value to your business.  A well-deployed digital mapping solution can boost your business productivity, as well as improve the sales, depending on each company’s objectives.

By combining our experience in the sector with your valuable data, we get an information platform on which the user can make better decisions that will positively affect your business. 

Google Maps Platform

Based upon our years of experience around digital mapping and working in specialised sectors, such as Fintech, Travel & Leisure, Transportation and Real Estate, Snowdrop can provide from the most updated best practices in each vertical to specialised support and volume discounts.

Snowdrop Solutions’ latest mapping projects have been developed with the minimun disruption and, if required optimising the usage and cost-effectiveness of every deployments.

Why optimise with Snowdrop?

Let us show you the benefits

Snowdrop Customer Care services addresses these areas in your specific industry. 

Manage costs

Gain clear visibility on GMP expenditure, forecast usage and detailed reports to better manage license fees.

Optimise site

Use the right Maps API queries the right way at the right time. Snowdrop customers save on average 35% to 50% from our Optimisation and Customer Care services

User Experience

Leverage the best practices from other deployments to improve user engagement and conversion

Customer Care plans

Wondering how to get more value? Check our plans below

Snowdrop Customer Care enables you to get more value from location and data. After an intensive research through our customer needs we came up with these plans in order to cover every customer demands and improve their usage and performance of Google Maps.


  • Cost Management
  • Implementation Optimisation


  • Cost Management
  • Implementation Optimisation
  • User Experience
  • ROI - Benchmarks

In order to bring a more personalised experience to your business with Snowdrop, we also count on these additional Customer Care options:

  • Optimisation Workshop
  • Support
  • Programme Mananagement

Our team is more than welcome to guide you through these options in more detail to see which one best fits your business. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further assistanc

What Google Maps can offer you


By using Google Maps APIs, which power the world's most used mapping platform, you'll get personalised imagery and rich, interactive applications. You can show your users how to get to a place and how much time they would need through directions and distance, and let them more easily visualise decision making information by adding places and POIs.

Maps: Location Services
Location Services

Build intuitive applications for your users, who benefit from the familiarity of Google Maps. By offering rich data, from both Google and your own datasets, you'll reduce the user's time to transact with access to simple, elegant interfaces including aids to data entry and selection. You'll also get better quality information, with less user abandonment and more accurate inputs.

Movement Optimization
Movement Optimization

Locate, understand and control with Asset Tracking & Navigation. Extend this valuable knowledge to your customers. Provide your users with useful, contextually meaningful information. Help them to find the best way to get somewhere with Real Time Movement and the use of Advanced Routing Algorithms and up to date Driving Directions.

Maps: Location Intelligence
Location Intelligence

Use geo-analytics to further improve services. Also, improve business decisions by deploying intelligence that better understands, and better uses, the daily changes in our physical world. Deliver powerful applications through the use of rich imagery and contextually important location data. Optimise the value of the services you deliver.

Experts in Digital Mapping - How can we help?

Snowdrop Solutions provide licensing, support and professional services and development based on Google Maps Platform.

As Google Cloud Global Partner Maps for Customer Success, Snowdrop brings value to business with:

in customer experience, digital mapping and verticals such as Fintech, Travel and Tourism, Transportation and Asset Tracking, and Real Estate;

of new developments, updates and launches relating to digital mapping technologies;

of deployments for your business needs, offering best practices and personalised support;

of your solution and licensing.

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